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Professional Rug Cleaning

Professional rug cleaning requires training and expertise. Each rug has a unique design and creation, which must be taken into account when thoroughly cleaning them. We test the material, identify what it's made of, colour bleed test the fabric and then make a decision on what chemical cleaning to proceed with.

What rugs we clean:

  • Persian Rugs

  • Turkish Rugs

  • Egyptian Rugs

  • Chinese Rugs

  • Indian Rugs

  • Cotton Rugs

  • Silk Rugs

  • Wool Rugs

  • Woven Rugs

  • Tufted Rugs 

  • And many more.

Before & After 2.png

We understand that rugs can hold sentimental value and can become quite a feature in someones life, which is why we offer you proof of our insurance cover of up to £5,000,000 public liability. Whether the rug will be needing a deep wet clean or a professional dry clean, the results will be worthwhile and increase the lifespan of your beloved rug/rugs.

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